This is my first post and gosh… it had to be this topic. I had been pondering if I should start blogging… hesitating …. and finally decided to just go ahead and document this.

Ern had persistent cough, we took her to the PD. Daddy and I thought that it would go away in a few days time and who could have ever guess it took a turn for the worst just overnight. She was wheezing badly and didnt look at all comfortable to me. I was praying hard that it’s not asthma. There is a chance that it could be asthma as mummy had childhood asthma.

Mummy hurried her to the doc’s and doc advised to send her to hospital immediately. Im not sure why, but the very mention of “hospital” brought tears streaming down my cheeks. I tried real hard to hold back but my maid only maid it worse when she tried to console me. At that time I was at a total loss. I went back to my parent’s place and got my dad to send us to the hospital.

At the hospital Ern was a really brave bb. Though uncomfortabe she was, she never cried.

Doc took her X-ray to make sure it wasn’t pneumonia and after an hour or so, the dreaded moment came when we were told that she had to be hospitalised.

Daddy rushed over as soon as his meeting was over and went back to pack my stuff as mummy will be staying over with her precious bb.

The stay at the hospital was far from comfortable! Every hour she had to be checked for oxygen level. Every other hour to check her temperature and every 4 hourly she had to go for treatment. Oh yes not forgetting the PA announcement which was really “timely”! It is really very tiring for the both of us and because her air passage was blocked; she simply didn’t want to have her milk. I was really desperate at the rate that she is going, doc says that she may have to be put on a drip. I really don’t even want to entertain that thought of needles poking her all the time. I had to be really patient with her feeding. My heart was wrenching in pain each time she refuse to drink. Kept telling myself that I must be strong and this will soon be over…


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