Eventful day?! well… it’s her first time with semi solids!

Today’s schedule:

12 noon: Rhonda’s place for re’ann’s baby shower(sembawang place)

1.30pm: Hang out at Kat’s place (Sembawang close)

well…. that was what I planned …

What actually happened:

12 noon: ern ern wakes up after her 10am nap.

12.30pm: set off to sembawang.

1.30 to 2.15pm: lost in sembawang. (ern ern needs her milk. hence abandoned idea and proceeded to next destination; late)

2.20pm: kat’s place; finally!!!

4pm: zoom zoom home..

went to buy her first rice cereal! bellamy’s! she took her first semi solid at home and she looked damn satisfied with it! hahha… I had worried that she wasn’t ready yet… well… I was so wrong! Can’t wait to feed her cereal again! And I’m gonna mix it with breast milk. : )


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