she flipped! she flipped! she finally flipped!

it happened all of a sudden! Without warning! it was totally unexpected. I saw her reaching out for her teether and thought to myself “ok, she shall entertain herself for a while while I go do my own stuff”. The next thing I saw when I turned around; she is on her tummy! I jumped for joy as I shouted to my hubby “wake up! she flipped!!”. It got us really excited for the next 10 minutes.

(10 minutes later…)
Well… though I have been waiting for this day to happen (17th July 2009) which marks the next milestone, she has been flipping like nobody’s business since . *_* So I have been asking for it uh?

Brought her for her jab this morning and she is weighing a whopping 8.7kg 68cm! (9 days to 6mths) hahha… I’m not sure why, but I am proud of that! hahah the result of the never say die attitude of breast feeding!

For the rest of the day was busy running errands with daddy and with her in tow. : ) and mummy enjoyed every bit of it.

Once we reach home I changed her into her wet suit and hurried down the stairs to put her in our little pool…. bad move! she burst into tears as soon as she touched the water! It wasn’t like this the last time… I guess it could be that the water is slighlty colder… or maybe it’s due to her jab? or it’s time for her 4.30pm nap?? I’m not sure… hahha we decided to abort the idea and poor daddy had to get out of the water as soon as he jumped into it! That’s our baby for you!


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