Love is not enough

I have always heard mothers saying “give her all the love that you can give.”

Looking at her sleeping soundly on my bed; I was wondering how I want her to be brought up. Is love really enough? My thoughts are love – unconditional love is enough to tolerate all the nonsense that we as a mother (or parent) are going to face.

My dad once said this to me years ago “the day you have a child is the day you will worry till the day you die.” Well, needless to say when he said that to me I couldnt fathom what he was trying to tell me. I was thinking “wah biangz… I can take care of myself loh..” hahahha… A child will NEVER truly understand and appreciate their parents till the day they are one themselves.

I’m not only going to give her love, but also discipline, boundaries, rules, limitations and the value of money. I didn’t really like the word “discipline” as it has a negative connotation. (shouting, punishing and god forbids – beating)

I grew up under the cane. Not that I don’t believe in it, it’s just that I believe that it is only necessary only when there is a very bad lapse in behaviour. I believe in effective communication. That itself is an art. And yes, parenthood is the time that you really do self evaluation. I guess ern ern will learn from example and that example is us. : ) (and I have countless departments to improve on!)

Hence from now on if I see a kid that is so lovable, I know its the parents’ hard work which I believe, involved not only sweat but tears as well. So parents, Jia You!

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