our first trip!

Adelaide / kangaroo island here we come!
This is my first trip with daddy and mummy and we flew all the way to adelaide to meet mei mei adelle, aunt pei ying and uncle! the flight was great except there was another baby who was crying non-stop. Mummy didn’t sleep a wink trying to coax me to sleep all the time.

Mummy and daddy took me to kangaroo island! I thought I can see lotsa kangaroos! but the weather was very bad… mummy didn’t want to risk taking me out in the extreme cold weather so we didn’t do much…. I remember sleeping in the car most of the time… gosh… daddy told me that kangaroo island is way bigger than Singapore!

Mummy said that I missed loads of sceneries coz I was with ZzzZZzz bear all the time. he told me that she saw kangaroos crossing the road, ducks taking its own sweet time to waddle across the road… cows… sheep.. horses etc… and lotsa road kills as well… so maybe its a good thing that I didnt see none of those?

Daddy took us in the car and drove us to a big ship that goes to kangaroo island!
This is me and daddy onboard the ship! it was cold outside!
This is me happily pulling daddy’s hair while he is asleep. Daddy is so deeply in love with me; he won’t scold me. hee hee..
This is one of the attractions that we wanted to go but mummy says its too cold, windy and its raining… so we just took a picture of daddy braving the rain and off we ran away… back to the car! daddy says he will bring me to san francisco the next time round to see the seals instead. Daddy and mummy loves me soooo much…

This picture mummy says MUST TAKE! It says “alot to learn from mum” though I don’t know what it means but mummy says I’m already learning. Hmm… sometimes its so difficult to understand what the adults are saying?Mummy told me that we managed to catch our pot of gold in between the bad weather… so gold is made of these 7 colours?!
Daddy and mummy was delighted that there was a brief pelican feeding session just outside our hotel. So we were all ready at 9am to FEED THE PELICANS! I was so excited! but from daddy’s action as you can see from here; I thought he was feeding ME to the pelicans!! and those big birds all look so hungry!
Time for a decent shot. and daddy didn’t feed me to the pelicans. phew!
This is mei mei adelle! I really like her alot! so much so that I will cry when she cries!

Back at mei mei’s place, I used her as a guinea pig for my foot massage skill! It’s my first time and I hope to give daddy a foot massage next time coz mummy says daddy love foot massage!
….. after a while… Im back to my normal self again… yummy!!!! but mei mei seems to be enjoying it!
And soon… we gotta fly back home after spending 4 days here.. I keep hearing mummy saying to daddy that the trip is way toooo short. But daddy says he is bringing us to japan next year and will be a longer trip! Japan… sounds yummy!!


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