At matthias’ !!!

Today mummy took me to see gor gor matthias! he is soooooo handsome!! mummy actually went to work so I tagged along! we first went to aunt Iris’ at choa chu kang and then to mattias’ at bukit merah view.
It was quite a long wait in the car so I took a nap in between the shuttles. Mummy said that was good behaviour.
At matthias place I took sooooo many pictures!! There were so many toys to play with. Uncle Kenny love to take pictures so he snaps away almost non-stop! Mummy said we took 200 shots!!!! I felt like a movie star! I really wish I can have more of such trips with mummy! Can play with other babies … play with their toys… and most importantly… BEING WITH MUMMY!!!

The wonder gal look.
I am pretending to eat. But I forgot my fork and spoon!
He is really gorgeous! I cant resist!! opps!
Mummy and me : )
What is mummy putting me on?
WOW!! tummy time like never before!!!
Feels ticklish..
All I want for christmas is YOU!!!
Finally I get to touch him!

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