September 11

September 11 is rocky’s birthday!! He is 8 yrs old now!! and for a JRT, he sure is fit! I highly suspect his body is mainly made up of muscle mass! will load his picture up when I have taken his latest picture! and of coz as usual, he gets his birthday meal – chicken thigh; his all time favourite. courtesy of my parents!

Septembe 11 is also the day ern ern has totally recovered from her blocked tear duct!(left eye) hooray!!!! I can FINALLY see her individual eyelashes and not “glued” together anymore! and she can now open BOTH her eyes when she wakes up in the morning to give mummy the refreshing smile!

her developments now at 7.5 mos:

  • I doubt she wants to crawl. (mummy secretly hope she don’t crawl. Skip this step and walk)
  • She sure knows how to get what she wants and NOW by SCREAMING!!!!
  • She is as sticky as a sticky tape and koala bear all rolled in one.
  • She sits up pretty steadily.
  • She can play by herself for a good 30mins or so before screaming for attention.
  • She claps – her legs. opps!
  • She feeds herself biscuits.
  • She grabs whatever that’s in sight. Especially buttons on the shirts etc… I think she is fine tunning her fine motor skills.
  • Grabs and PULLS mummy’s hair all the time.
  • Stands up with support.
  • says “ba ba ba” “ma ma ma” and “mum mum mum”

This month, 26th september little ern will be attending a wedding dinner with mummy and daddy F and mummy is hoping she can take the night hours coz little ern still sleeps at 7pm! (sometimes 6pm)

Yesterday mummy, daddy F and ern ern went shopping in suntec city. Oh my… big mistake! due to the comex fair; the crowd is damn jialat. The air was stifling! I really thought I was gonna faint anytime. However, we managed to get what I wanted! My power suit from Blum & Co. Not cheap though but I really LOVE the range they have. The cuttings of the suit and matching skirt was second to none! I told daddy F hat I will have my future suits only from Blum and he said “ok”. kewl!!! I went to get the suits mainly because I am almost back to my pre pregnancy weight. (2 more kg to go…) and its high time to change my miserable wardrobe. *_* Can’t wait to wear thse suits… I feel empowered when im wearing it! No wonder all super heroes have outfits too!!


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