A Pleasant Surprise

It was an impromptu decision to bring ern ern out to meet Ophe and Angie today… was too bored at home and haven’t really taken her out since coming back from Adelaide… down with a fever and all… We met at Tanglin Mall and daddy F came to meet us for dinner after work. Tried this restaurant caled Chillis on the second floor… ordered their Buffalo wings and drumsticks etc. Verdict: not so good. It tasted more like tobasco wings!

When we reached home, our maid tolds us that we have a package in our room : ) It was given by our neighbour. hahahha… They thanked us for rescuing their dog. A couple of days ago as we were all going out for dinner, a lost looking golden retriever came into our house and instinctively went “nose to nose” with milo (my dog) as if asking for direction! Hubby recgnised he dog and I whipped out a leash from the back of the car and leashed him up.

So I went:
me: “where does this dog belong to?”
hb: “26 oriocle cres”
me: “is it near here?”
hb: “not far”
I took the dog and walked him all the way… I dragged the dog for a good 15mins rather! (my hubby’s near is not that near afterall!) That dog…. literally had to be dragged up the slope! A golden retriever! Weighing probably 20kg at least! At the top pf the hill, upon seeing his dear owners; he RAN!! racing towards them!! DARN!! Why didnt he run sooner?! hahhaha… but it was a happy deed la. We really wasn’t expecting anything when they said they wanted to “thank us properly”. ” )


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