First time at a wedding dinner! (8 months)

This is the first time we brought our little darlin to a wedding dinner. Was a little apprehensive initially as she usually sleeps at 7pm! (way before the dinner starts!) However; all turned out really well! She was soooo well behaved and made us soooo proud!

Dinner started at eight-ish and we sat through all the way. (VIP table : ) and desert was YAM PASTE!!!!!! yummy for my tummy!) This experience has certainly raised my confidence level to bring her out for more dinners in future : ) and I forgot to add; she is eight months old today!

Our family picture : )

With po po and gong gong. hahhaha my dad kept singing her praises all the way… how well behaved she was etc etc etc…

After the second march in she was tired, said her goodbyes, goodnites and slept in her favourite beco baby carrier. Happy baby = happy mummy.


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