At Mummy Florinda’s

mummy took me to auntie Florinda’s place to meet baby Victoria. Haven’t seen her for the longest time and I can’t remember how she look like anymore. I overheard mummy saying that they are planning a getaway thingy! wheee….. can take aeroplane again!
Aunt Joey came slightly later and hence we met baby jeanette! She is the on on the extreme right and baby Victoria is the one in the centre! She sure knows when to take centre stage!
mummy saw that I had some difficulty trying to learn how to crawl so she took off my shorts! Felt soooo comfy after that. And airy too! You see, we were sharing toys. baby Victoria took my rattle and I took her comb!
See what I mean? It’s tight!

this is mummy’s favourite shot! Aunt Florinda took all the pictures! Thank you aunt Florinda!
We were baby talking. Good that the adults don’t understand! Let’s just stay this way for now. And by the way; Victoria is a damn good listener to all my sad stories! : P


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