Macritchie Reservoir

Took ern ern to Macritchie reservoir the moment she wakes up this morning hoping to capture some monkeys! real monkeys I mean. (She loves the two monkeys (woo and ah) on playhouse disney.) Was a little hot when we reach there, daddy F went for his run and I carried her in my carrier and all set ready to go! BUT… we didnt see any along the way…Weekends are all packed with people strolling… running… brisk walking… tai chi… some just gather around for a chit chat session… some settles happily with a little picnic under shady trees. It was quite comforting to see people actually taking the time to relax; slow down a litle and smell the roses.Rather scenic huh? When I was walking along the track some aunties saw me with a baby and said some passing remarks “aiyoh… why bring a baby here” with a face that kinda implied “what’s wrong with parents these days”?! To which I replied with just a smile. : ) Their intention was kind but I guess no explanation was really necessary. : )

Ok. When I saw this I just had to shoot it. Isn’t this a classic one? I bet your parents would have come to this very same spot for their wedding picture!
We continued walking back to where we started kinda resigned that we are not able to capture any monkeys today and then it happened!
The first monkey we saw. I was a little wary of this monkey coz it was staring at me when im taking it’s picture! After I blast m shutter i just stood still hoping it won’t attack! hahahha… ern ern didn’t see this one..She saw this one! Then there were more running about; totally oblivious to the crowd of humans!
Daddy met up with us after his run and took a picture with ern ern inhis “slimy arms”. hee hee…
Next stop… BREAKFAST!!!Went to six avenue – Guthrie haus for one of daddy’s monthly craving – WAFFLES!
Looks not bad right?! I just stick to my old fashioned poached eggs with sausages served with freshly squeezed OJ. : ) and ern ern … her boring cereal. wahahhaha…
That was how we started our Sunday. Hope yours kicked off well too! Enjoy your weekend… or whatever that is left of… ahhaha


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