Deepavali or Diwali

How did you spend the holiday?

We decided to take little ern out to this new hotel “Klapsons” at Tanjong Pagar for brunch. It’s quite a nice boutique hotel. Ern enjoys the little surprise that the chef whipped out for her! Find out in a while…
The food is superb for the price we paid so YES it is highly recommended! The waiters who served us were all “poached” over from other restaurants like Ritz Carlton… etc.. so service wise is efficient and attentive : )

15 hoe chiang road Singapore 089316
T: 6521 9030

The restaurant we went to is apparently named after the grandson. So this family who opened the hotel is really rich! Hubby told me that on the day of it’s officially opening ceremony ALL the banks representative in Singapore were there!This is part of the restaurant with daddy posing with ern ern. See the huge wine bottle behind them? They opened the same kind of bottles for the opening! hahhaa… I have never tried drinking from that kinda bottle before… wonder if it taste better? : )

I had this!! “blackened blue fin tuna” looks like steak hor? I have never really liked tuna coz I find the meat always too dry… but this one changed my opinion on tuna. : )~

hubby had this “wagyu beef burger” – his favourite beef!Foei gras hmm… hope I spelled it right.. slurps… still thinking about it : )
This is for ern ern! mashed sweet potato! See the stae it’s in now… its yummy for OUR tummy too!


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