Things I love to do

Life will never be the same again. : )

Things I love to do then was:

  • scrapbooking
  • grooming dogs (yes I took up a course for that)

Things that I indulge in NOW:

  • cutting her nails (hahha I know you won’t believe it)
  • cooking for her
  • cracking my head over what to cook for her or doing some research on it.
  • playing with her
  • showering her
  • taking her out with me
  • breastfeeding her (yes! im still breast feeding!)
  • dress her up!
  • grocery shopping

You see… everything revolves around her. What to do… I laugh when she laughs… same goes for my hubby too.

Every minute with her is so precious to me. Sometimes I just wish I have more time with her. But I really shouldn’t be complaining as I’m still spending most of my time with her now that I’m working from home and occasionally taking a few hours to meet clients and all..

This November is particularly special. Lotsa events coming up.

1st week of November: Hong Kong trip with some friends and babies!
Last week of November: ern is going for Julia Gabriel class for the entire week! It’s some holiday program thingy.
28th of November: My birthday and also happens to be my cousin’s wedding! Double bliss!

And then comes Christmas! Though we never really celebrate Christmas but it always feel so special… so joyful. Hopefully can bring her to see some light ups. (things that I have never bothered in the past)

What do you love to do?


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