East Coast Park

Woke up at 6.30am and off we went to East Coast Park. Daddy F went for his run while ern and mummy went for a long stroll. Think we walked for more than an hour. It’s the same old familiar surroundings which brought me back to our good old bayshore days…

We used to wake up in the morning and bring our dogs to the beach for a run and breakfast. We decided to move out 6mths earlier than expected; rented a place at bayshore for 6months before moving into out unit in UE sq. But atlas I got pregnant and have to shift back with my in-laws as UE sq was a little small. (so we thought) Frankly, I think it’s a decent space for a family of 3. (but can’t accomodate the dogs : (…)

Yesterday hubby and I took ern to Lawrys (paragon) for high tea. It was surprisingly quiet, (we literally had the whole hall to ourselves) and the price was atonishingly cheap manz! It’s like $12 ++ per pax!!(it’s not buffet style) so we decided to order lotsa other stuff and the total bill is less than 50 bucks! Highly recommended! Will definitely go again!

Ok, it’s recipe time again.
Noticed that she loves to eat Toufu. Just throw anything undesirable to her palette into toufu; she will finish up everything.
If your baby loves tofu, can also try these combi:

  • tofu + applesauce + squash
  • tofu + avocado + pears
  • tofe + blueberries + bananas
  • tofu + sweet potato + carrots
  • tofu + broccoli + parsnips

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