You know how it feels when your personal space is being invaded?

Got the picture? Ok.

So if it’s physical personal space, you may just opt to move your arse right? But no. I’m stucked to my seat trimming my bangs in a salon when an AUNTIE is pouring out all her life time sad stories OUT LOUD! and the best part was she was just seated NEXT TO ME!! It came to a point where I started to suspect that she really was shouting so that the entire people in the salon could hear her. Ya know sometimes yu really just wanna relax, get your hair washed, scalp massaged etc… but it was a mistake right from the start to step into that place la. I don’t welcome negative conversations or hearing negative stuff la.. it just sucks my energy away… energy suckers shoo! shoo! shoo!
What could I have done in that situation? sigh… now my brain is full of her sad stories.. washing dirty laundry (panties etc) for daughtes and son but only gets peanutz etc etc.. hahahha now Im the energy sucker!!! better shut my trap now manz… hahahha….


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