Hong Kong to Julia Gabriel to SHE IS SICK!!

We are back from Hong Kong! Been to hkg soooooooo many times and never have I felt this tired before! wahhahaha… c’mon manz… lugging around my little 10kg and a backpack weighing a whopping 5kg (easily 5kg) is really no joke! : )

Our day will start at 7am (ya know.. that’s when she wakes up) shower change, feed her breakfast and meet the rest of the gang and set off at 9pm… till… 9pm! of coz… in between there will be breaks la. So its shopping shopping and more shopping!!

Overall experience: FANTASTIC!! way better to travel with mummies than with friends. hahha mummies will understand we need breaks to feed baby etc and they instinctively knew when to lend a helping hand whereas even for my hubby I still need to tell him what to do. As you can already guess by now, I dont really have much pictures to show here as it’s really rather troublesome to reach for the camera.

And so back to reality. Ern attended Julia Gabriel and I would say that she enjoys the class except the painting session… I didnt quite like it myself! wahahhah I mean she obviously cant hold the paint brush and make decent strokes. She ended up eating the blue paint which made my heart skipped a beat. Then why let her attend so early would be the question right? hahhaha… my hubby says its good to start early … but anyway she enjoyed the rest of the class : ) the mandarin speaking teachers are damn good. Really animated and enthusiastic when they act out the story… singing etc..This is her at water play session : )
She hardly noticed my existence or disappearance!
Taking a break and having her organic honeydew : )

However, that same evening she started vomiting and had diarrhea : ( took her to my trusted doctor and she is currently on medication. She puked like 5 times? and diarrhea like 7 times?! Hubby spoke to his doctor friends. The wife who is a PD and hubby who is a GP said that she most likely kenna the virus from the class she attended at Julia Gabriel : ( sigh… I guess I had better get her MC to excuse her from class before she spread to other children. (I very considerate hor? hehehe) Anyways, I was told that she may take 3 days at least to a weekto recover. Right now just like any other time when she is sick, I have to struggle to syringe feed her medication. Now that she is abstanining from solids and cant really drink too much milk (she pukes them all out) i’m really worried that she may be dyhydrated : ( Really hope she recovers soon..


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