Thin Chewy Cholate Chip Cookies!

Raining the whole of today! Wanted to take ern ern out to breathe some fresh air but was really too lazy to move my bones.

Watching her as she plays by herself and occasionally turning her head towards my direction to check if I’m still with her makes me wanna spend time with her indoors. BUT I have this super duper strong sugar craving that I just have to settle. Did some research and off we went to Cold Storage to get some ingredients to make – chocolate chip cookies!!

Ok so it is really not easy to make all the stuff when you have a baby that requires your attention all the time so I got some helpfrom my maids and brother-in-law to help. hahahha… Im like the command in charge. I gave instructions and they got down to work – prontos!

The entire process was really faster than I expected. (hahah got so many hands to help)

Ok I must admit that It doesnt look that great (I think it’s a little too big. It really expanded loads manz…)
So much for greasing the tray uh? hahha…

Ok! Done in a flash! Yummy! Highly recommended with a cup of tea like the brits : )


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