One of my FIRST in my lifetime..

It’s infuriating. I really wonder who took it! I really don’t mind losing it but the pictures of ern when she is born are ALL GONE! Never mind that it costs me a whopping $700 when it was first launched… the memories are priceless… yes. I lost my phone. I have never lost it before and the feeling really sucks – BIG TIME!

Sigh… maybe the only good thing is that I will be geting a new phone. I phone that is. Hubby will be taking me to get it tomorrow morning. I really should be happy .. hubby’s phone isn’t in a tip top condition (second hand somemore) but yet he didnt get a new phone for himself and once he learnt that I lost my phone he suggested i phone immediately. I do have a doting husband indeed : )

Ok Im still new in this wordpress thingy so will try out some stuff and see how it works.

In less than 2 weeks time I will be turning 30. So what have I achieved so far?  hmm… Our first property at UE square and still aiming for our second one. If we were to finally get the second one my wish will be fulfilled – to have a place of my own : ) big enough to house me, hubby, ern ern my dog(milo) and one more future kiddo : ) For now I think I’m really proud to have a daughter that seem so perfect to me in every sense. I finally understand why people always refer to them as a bundle of joy. It’s really happiness for whenever im with her everything seem so simple. Sitting on her playmay watching her is happiness – simple. Finding recipes to cook for her gives me a new zest of enthusiasm – simple. Playing with her after a long day revitalises my tired soul – simple. Bringing her close to me whenever im sad never fails to make me stronger – simple. Missing her presence makes me treasure every moment with her – simple. Taking her to school makes me a student all over again and the difference is this time round Im all so into it! – simple. The list can go on and on… and oh did I mention that her seperaion anxiety peaks lately? and i’m secretly enjoying every bit of it!

So what’s your simple joy?


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