Ern receiving her gift from Santa!

Yup! Santa said that she has behaved well and rewarded her with a chritsmas gift! But this Santa wears spectacles! hahahahhaha…

Today there is a Christmas party at Juli Gabriel and I prepared mashed potato for the party. Well… my dear gal ate almost everything else except mashed potato!! She filled her stomach with  pop corns, sausages, cakes, biscuits, bread etc..

I must say that when the teachers put on “santa show” she was sooooo… engaged! She was really fixated on what was happening and didn’t move at all! The gift that she received was a gift exchange thingy and we are gonna repeat exactly what happened again tomorrow. : )

The one on the right is Chen Lao Shi. mummy's fav teacher!

balls everywhere!

By the way we met Diana Ser today! She and her baby was in the same playnest as us today! Her baby Ke Xin look resembles James Lai soooooo much! Ke Xin is 3 mths older than ern ern : ) Diana Ser look so damn jude manz. Friendly too! She said hi to me and we chatted abit. Wanted to take a picture with her but really not sure if I should just leave her alone to enjoy the party but I have a feeling we will meet again : )

Santa, if I may have a wish, Please let ern ern be forever cheerful and healthy. Thank you.


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