She finally switche her reverse gear

She hasnt really recovered from her flu since 2 days ago so I decided to go back to Dr Ang’s for a revisit. When I reached home I placed her on her playmat and she started crawling albeit slowly but surely! She took baby steps towards her toys! Then my MIL came into my room and witnessed it too. hahahha… But she is more motivated to crawl toward the bench so that she can stand!Hmm… now im thinking when I can bring her to polliwogs at east coast!

ok I shall solve this video function soon.

In a couple of days time will be my birthday cum wedding dinner sooooo looking forard to it. Hey! so many people celebrating for me and it’s my FIRST birthday with babyern! Cant wait to dres her up too! But for now I wish for her speedy recovery more than anything else.


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