Julia Gabriel’s School Holiday Program!

It’s soooo much FuN… I wish it was longer : p

With the end of the school holiday program it also marks the end of the term for her regular classes. It’s with lotsa hesitation and unwillingness that I have to let ern take a term break from her regular classes. It’s really a little shiong to take her there 3 times a week and thereafter rush her to my parents place.. its really stressful having to make her sleep before her class and I feel that I am not really spending time with her in the class (I wonder why..) WEll  teacher Lin said that ern seems to understand what’s going on in class as she will focus and look and her attention span is good. hahha I damn proud la..now whenever I sing ern will clap along: ) I might consider taking her for swimming class once a week instead. (still struggling within me to let go of julia gabriel)

Here are the pictures! and yes on the last day we went to sentosa – underwater world : )

new discovery..

posing with mummy

stripping down for swimming

her favourite activity - swimming

underwater world - sentosa

See you soon jellyfish!


2 thoughts on “Julia Gabriel’s School Holiday Program!

  1. yes babe… then hor… its too late to withdraw so its either forfeit my deposit… I may have to continue for one more term.. but im switching ern to english class leh.. (at least only twice a week) In april she is attending Shichida. : )

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