Mitch Albom

Love this author….

Heard of this author before?? Tuesdays with Morie? Five people you meet in heaven? Thats the one! Now there’s a new title – Have a Little Faith.

Took ern ern out on a playdate with her friends at polliwogs. (yes “her friends” hahaha… I seriously don’t think I have that many friends like her when I was at her age! Kids these days… )

Was even contemplating taking her on duck tour after Polliwogs! But Mummy Flo was right la. Too tight gotta make it next week. so I am soooo organising the duck tour play date next week – thursday! Something I am looking forward to. : )

Before Polliwogs I had to bring ern to police station to report lost of my tour guide license. Mr policeman was sooo sweet. hahhaha offered to help me with little ern while I struggle to find my driving license. and if you have already guessed by now… yup.. she cried! Anyway I lost the license like aeons ago! and the reason why im renewing it only today is because I thought of getting into the attractions free … hahhaa… tour guides have these priviledges la… One of the things I do hope to do in future is to have ern as my passenger one day!

After Polliwogs I decided to take her to NTUC to get some groceries … hopefully I can find some time to so some christmas baking! I passed by Popular bookshop and somehow there’s this uncanny feeling of wanting to step in.  Saw this book and picked it up at once. Havent been reading since ern came along.. I feel so… hmm… shall I say.. relieved to hold it. It’s like back to the time where ME time has stopped and holding the book in my hand seems to have the clock ticking once again.

Ok people Im going to start reading now… (while she sleeps) It’s ME time once again!


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