It’s Christmas!

We had wanted to spend the day in the zoo… but we only managed a picture outside!!! The queue was damn bloody looooooooooooooooooooooong…. it extended all the way to night safari!! So it was a wrong move right from the start. Shaking our heads we went to Jurong birdpark… and so you should have guessed… it’s worse! No parking! hahhaa then we went to… SCIENCE CENTRE!!!!! “how exciting”! We managed to stay there for an hour before calling it a day!

How was your Christmas?!

Two days later we took a drive to Malaysia – JB Aeon! We love it! Ern was all ecstacy when we reach there. So we decided to have mini holidays every now and then. Next week we will be driving to Port Dickson : ) Am so loving it!

At a Japanese restaurant. Looks posh hor?

hubby posing for a picture before ordering food

the christmas decor in the restaurant

Posing again..

After meal we took more pictures!

see what I mean? She is all smiles even after seating in her chair for the longest time. hahhahha...

: )


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