To the ZOO we go…

It was a fantastic day at the zoo today… great weather, fantastic company!

Brayden was there and so was Matt! Met at 12noon and ended the day at about 6pm! We went to every corner of the zoo and saw ALL the exhibits! and the biggest accomplishment is that I took her in my arms the entire day! No beco carrier and no pram. (ok granted she was in the beco carrier for 30mins when she was napping) I wanted her to SEE things and so I decided to train my arms muscles. Talking about muscles… oh… how my calves are aching now… and my gal is sound asleep : )

We saw so many animals..from the  majestic elephants to the humble otters. Ern was so captivated by all of them. I love it each time I point to draw her attention to the animals and she will have that kind of face that seemed to be asking “mummy what’s that?”

When we were having our dinner together berlinda said “so fast.. its gonna be 2010″  To which I said ” yeah tell me about it. It makes me wonder what I have achieved this year” and Chris “She is right next to you”. To me that statement really meant ALOT. It hasnt been smooth for me since 2007. Got myself into so much trouble and the only thing that I can be proud of and smile about is really ern.  2008 was really a hell year that I wish to forget and if it wasnt for ern I really doubt I will pull through. 2007 I lost what meant alot to me. 2008 was the year I had to face the music and 2009 I finally smiled when I saw her face. Everything happens for a reason and I’m still wating for that reason. But whatever it is I am sure that 2010 will be a better year for all of us. : )

Was 2009 a fullfilling year for you? : ) Wishing all my dear friends a blasting 2010. FORGE AHEAD!!


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