Her first tooth. 02/01/10

The question is answered. No wonder she is so cranky these days … it also explains her poor appetite and sleepless nights.. (*yawnz*)

Was playing with her and suddenly saw this white growth on her lower gums and THAT’S IT! her first tooth!! But only one… and my nightmare has just began… so they say.

Well… what can I say… I’m so gonna miss her toothless grin..

Anyways wehave decided to throw a small party at home for her first birthday. A really simple and intimate affair. It’s more like a gathering than anything else : )

Oh yes.. good news.. (for me) We have decided to shift house and this time round should be the last time we are shifting! and no… not staying in UE square coz we still prefer to rent it out and this year we are confident to get a way better rental. Really can’t wait to throw that bloody tenant out manz.. he is such a trouble maker! I have NEVER met a tenant as sucky as this!! and yes, I AM EXCITED to finally have a place of my own… without having to feel uncomfortable cooking next to my MIL.. You won’t understand.. my MIL doesnt like other people to “mess up” her kitchen. She has “procedures” for cooking stuff. A protocol that I doubt I can ever understand. Though she has never said anything to me about cooking in her kitchen but I sure can feel it in my bones that she doesnt really like it. My SIL’s ex boyfriend once used her kitchen and the nxet day she used aluminium foil to “seal up” one of the gas cooker. Another occasion is she scolded one of the maids for not having the right procedure in the kitchen and oh yes the latest one is that she has barred my BIL from using the kitchen. hahah I know that she most likely will not tell me anything coz he knows I have very bad temper and my other guess is that she doesn’t want to make things difficult for my hubby. So you see why im so excited about moving out? I can finally have a kitchen of my own!!! Wheeeeeee…… !!!!!

3 thoughts on “Her first tooth. 02/01/10

  1. The rest of her teeth will follow real soon! Hehe

    Happy for you babe! Which part of the island will you be on now? Are we celebrating Ern’s birthday at your new home? =)

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