Port Dickson

We are back… of coz.. wish t was longer… hahahha…

All you need is $200 budget for a night stay at Avilion (oh pls.. choose this resort) and you will feel so relaxed and rejuvenated! So I will give it almost full marks for the experience there! some minus points due to the sand flies and mosquitoes. But hey its a “kampong style” kind of stay after all so mosquitoes comes as a package!

The drive up took us about 3 hours or so. Ern was sleeping lots during the car ride so that leaves daddy and mummy some peace and quiet to chit chat. : )

So now its picture time!

happy with her bed

still wondering where she is

this is the bedS. there is another one at thr far right for you to lie down for sea view.

there is also a sunken bath. and the water goes directly to the sea. very kampung style

outside our room... u can see the waves splashing just beneath

the beach


scenic vew point

play area

toys galore!

just for FuN

silly daddy

our only family picture!

"how mummy? can be poster gal?"

SPA building. fantastic view of the sunset from here


in their little pet farm : )


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