Welcome 2010!

What do I wish for 2010? Hmm.. it has gotta be

  • Ern to be healthy and happy
  • Hubby’s career smooth smooth
  • Our family to have good health (each and every one of them)
  • to live in abundance (not necessarily wealth wise but also abundance in positivity, laughter, hopes, guts etc)
  • Oh yes to be able to move to our new place (wherever it  is gonna be)
  • My younger brother to get married. : p
  • My brother in law to pass his exams and GRADUATE!
  • My sister in law to stop being so irritating : )
  • Milo (my dog) to remain so well behaved. (Im so proud of her)

Hubby lately suggested that we should each write a letter to her for her birthdays and help her keep it safe till when she turns 21; let her read all of them. She is turning one in a few days time and I have not penned a single word yet and neither have hubby! Oh gosh… better write soon… its not gonna be easy to tell her all that I’ve gotta tell her leh.. hmm… must strategise liao!

These days ern “mum mum” alot and mummy Flo said that it means “I want” and I think she is sooooo darn right! When I take something aay from ern she will “mum mum” FURIOUSLY or if she sees something that she likes she will also “mum mum” all the way. But when she is in distress she will “nai nai”. hahhaha.. she is really getting more assertive by the day.

I think most of her peers are about to walk soon and she hasnt really shown much interest in wanting to walk yet though she is always standing while holding on to something) So right now if I have to tel her something it is gonna be “take your time my darling; take your time” : )


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