She got her first blink today!

Saw Victoria with her blinks and I just couldn’t resist getting ern pierced too!!

Immediately after lunch with daddy I took her to wisma to get her ears pierced. Daddy was for the idea too… (hmm… its more like he hasnt a choice!)

Anyway I was really excited when I reached the shop (bedazzled at wisma atria) Soon the excitement turned into fear when I recalled the pain when I had mine pierced. She just woke up. should I? Hack! Just do it! I reminded myself that I should not  feel fearful as ern will be able to detach my negative vibration hence I switched on the excitement mode  immediately with a chirpy voice : )

The sales persons serving us was really good. They gaev me lotsa assurance INCLUDING tellling me that what I’m about to do to ern was right! They sprayed something to numb her ears (feels cold) and pierced the two holes TOGETHER. Kewl right?! Her reaction? she cried for less than 15 seconds. No big deal! hahahha… will post the picture soon!


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