Her very first birthday bash

It was what we had in mind… simple…. cozy and intimate.

No theme party … no big turnout .. no entertainment such as puppet shows etc .. no fanciful cake (we settled for Lana’s) .. no relatives… no photographers … hmm… not even balloons (except for 2 outside the gate)

As Ern’s party was the last in the month of Jan (gosh.. we really were so damn bloody busy every weekend!) We decided to have something really light, simple and comfortable. We only invited a few of her closer friends (yes Her friends and all the rest who “tagged” along were just chaperons!!) We ordered food from Royals and le amis at botanical gardens and made some food for babies which the babies enjoyed it very much – I’m glad : )

So she had a real good nap before her friends reach. And its uncanny coz she seems to understand that it’s her special day as she is all high and happy! She played good hosts playing with her friends and had to excuse herself for 1.5 hrs nap and returned back to her friends’ company the moment she wakes. Yes, her friends stayed all the way! The adults spent quality time chatting away during a lazy Sunday while the little ones busied themselves exploring the place. The atmosphere was really relaxing and cozy which didn’t feel like a party at all except the cake cutting part. So it was all thanks to little Ern that mummy had the great opportunity to organise this gathering.

Oh yes I mentioned that I didn’t have a photographer right? The initial plan was for me to just shoot as and when I can or for hubby to take some casual shots but Kenny volunteered to help us with the photo taking part. So a big thank you to Kenny! and not forgetting Flo who took some impromptu shots as well!

At the end of the day the feedback was very encouraging *thumbs up*


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