To my little princess

Darling ern,

Mummy and daddy had decided to write you a letter on all of your birthdays and hopefully to collate them all to give them to you on your 21st birthday.

Mummy has a little confession here my darling. Mummy is no fan of babies at all. (aunt Kat can definitely vouch for that) When mummy worked as a flight stewardess mummy will curse and swear if there are babies seated on the aisle that I’m working(or any babies at all) Mummy used to find them irritating *bleah* Grandma always tells mummy that I will feel otherwise once I have my own to which I have always doubted – till I met you for the first time at 1032hrs on 26th Jan 2009.

From the time i knew I was pregnant, I’m always so excited to go for checkups for I can see you during the scan. Each time overwhelmed with gladness to know that you are growing well and healthy and of course can’t wait to see you!

Every night as mummy lie in bed mummy will feel her tummy and think of you. One of the things mummy have always wanted to tell you(though it’s way to early for this) is that life is really not a bed of roses. I’m not saying that this world is evil and difficult my darling. At one point you will come to understand that life has it’s ups and downs and at one point you might doubt yourself or even wanting to give up. Darling it’s NORMAL to feel this way. Feelings of frustrations are all part of growing up. Amidst all this negative thoughts, feelings and self doubts you MUST remember NOT to give up.

Darling ern, you must believe that you have all it takes to be a WINNER as you will always have a supporting family behind you. Mummy and daddy hope to inculcate courage and high self esteem and self worth to you to face this world – fearless.

There is a reason for your name.

Ern = Gratitude.

When you are pursuing your goals, hopes and dreams always be grateful for what you have and to the people around you as that alone will make you happy.

Now as I’m watching you as you sleep mummy is pleasantly surprised at how much you have grown. How time flies my dear but all the milestones since your birth has been deeply etched in my heart. (will show you the pictures next time. promise)

For now my darling mummy just wants to enjoy all my available moments with you and.. our long awaited San Francisco trip!

Mummy loves you.

“Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy — because we will always want to have something else or something more.”


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