San Francisco feb 2010

testing your new teeth! you grew 4 on top and one at the bottom!!!!

If  there is only one thing we did right; it would be to bring you with us : )

You were unbelievably easy on the long haul flight. Mummy and daddy were skeptical about the flight initially but you never fail to amaze us! You spent most of your time sleeping and mummy managed to watch a few movies whilst you sleep in my arms. Yes, there was a bassinet on all sectors BUT it’s so disruptive to lift you out whenever there’s TURBULENCE!! So in the end mummy gave up! In my arms you shall be!

This is daddy and mummy’s 4th or 5th time there but it’s our first time with you and there will be many more holidays with you around as we officially “graduate” you as our little frequent flier : )

The hotel that we checked in – renaissance Parc 55 is the same old hotel that mummy used to stay when I was flying years ago. They gave us a free upgrade and even provided us with a mini fridge with no charge at all. I guess it’s these little gestures that made all the difference.

Grocery shopping we went!

Cheese, milk, butter, udon, yogurt (coton candy flavoured!), carrots, zuchini etc..

After our well needed rest we wasted no time to do some grocery shopping coz mummy brought along a travel cook pot just for you! Hee hee.. American food is still too salty for your little tummy but you still do eat out occasionally and would stick to your Udon!

Daddy and mummy rented a car and made the decsion (after some internal struggle) to do without a car seat. Reason – You were not feeling that well and mummy knows that you will surely “voice” your dissatisfaction. We saved US60 bucks though : ) This was what happened at the car rental.

(while daddy was busy  doing the paper work for the car rental)

Ern: (bored and unsettled)

mummy: Let’s take a look at what’s available! (took ern to the brochure stand)

ern: (stretched her hand and took a tour brochure)

mummy: sorry ern.. today we are not going to monterey bay aquarium.


After driving for 1.5 hrs we finally reached 17 mile drive BUT it was closed to visitor traffic due to some golf tournament!! (damn!) Hence we detoured to Carmel for lunch and decided to pop by Monterey Bay aquarium since it’s so nearby.  (not fogetting that the idea came from you)

ready to go!


us and the red car at carmel

It's time for lunch! we were so hungry!

At one of the baby shop and you were so happy to have a nice little stretch while mummy shops

toys are all around you.. but your face says it all - not happy here

The pictures will tell you why you were such an amazing baby! And you picked THE brochure that saved the day!!

this is where your FuN begins!

you woke up just in time for otter feeding session!

they are huge!! can easily pass off as seals!

kelp forest

studying the fishes

kelp forest - majestic view!

right under the wave!

touch pools.. so many of them

try finding the crab!

Its a bouncy water bed!!

sort the shapes!

tunnel time!

in the tunnel with papa

our little clam princess

goofing around


We will definitely return to this place each time we visit San Francisco! But oh.. must definitely bring an extra set of clothes for you to change into after your waterplay : )

Mummy did soooo much shoping. 99% – your stuff! we went with 2 luggages and came back with FOUR!! H&M, Old Navy, Gilroy factory outlets – baby gap, Gymboree, Carter’s, Children’s Place, Osh Kosh etc…. too overwhelmed *bleah*

factory outlets

Gymboree outlet - more shuave looking stuff for boys than for girls though

watching TV while mummy shops : )

My TV junkie

We visited Cayden too! He is your first American friend. Mummy calls him ABC (american born chinese) He is soooooo chubby!!Chubbier than you when you were at his age! He was only 4 mths old and couldn’t play with you but you were so curious about him and placed your hands all over him!


Planned to take you to muirwoods to see super tall trees in the woods but you came down with a fever and we had to take you to the doctor’s instead. Seems like this doctor is a celebrity doctor. We saw so many pictures of him taken with so many celebrities! But of course the bill didn’t come cheap either. It was a whopping $420! Luckily all covered by insurance – the miracle product : )

After this trip daddy is even more motivated to get his MBA in Stanford University and has plans to go there for a year or two in 2011! Of course we will be going too!! How exciting!

some other random shots:

cable car ride to the pier

just outside the fire station

at the pier

our favourite joint!

watching sealions as promised by papa

you absolutely loves this!! USD5 for whole day. worth it!


3 thoughts on “San Francisco feb 2010

  1. Soooo fun! Caleb was sooo young when we went to SF la…I’m sure he’ll enjoy himself like Ern did too! …ps: Caleb is Ern’s first American Friend hor!!! Caleb is also American haha!

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