Malacca Trip Feb 2010

The couple of hundreds are really worth it! And the hubs are already thinking of the next trip! : )

I have never expected that after ern’s arrival, not only mummy had more friends; daddy too!

After so many trips, Ern is now closer to daddy : ) which is really something to rejoice about. We also discovered that ern loves the company of her friends as well. She thrives with friends around her! So the trip started with a super duper early wake up call at 6.30am! Gotta rush through feeding her and getting ourselves ready too coz her friend Matt arrived at 7am! After taking a final pee break and getting the baby food and sandwiches ready, we set off to meet Flo and the rest at about 7.30am.

Once we had all arrived we had to switch car and we are then in the same car with Victoria – Ern’s bestie! Mummies entertaining the kiddos whilst daddy sat in front with ee fann driving the problematic car. Yes it was problematic alright! 30mins before we reach the destination the car had this “tap looking” signal turned on (amber) and after that it started to FLASH!! We had no idea what it meant! tried looking for the car manual but there was none! Did I mention that we rented 2 cars? (next time you wanna rent a car, pls ask me which company to AVOID at all cost) ok so it was flashing right? Ee fann had to turn off the engine and let it cool off when ever there’s a red light! we were pathetic manz!!

We were so glad to be able to reach our destination! Then the mummies went to do our own things whilst the hubs went to solve the car problem and that’s when the male bonding began. Mummy Flo told me that something magical happened that made the process of the car repair so smooth – TEAMWORK. Trevor did all the talking at the mechanics, Ee fann paid the bill, Chris drove the car and Kenny… I forgot what kenny did but all these teamwork made it happen. Oh… hmm… I promise not to say it… but I shall “write it” here. The hubs actually enjoyed themselves so much that instead of rushing back to the hotel (we were all waiting for them to come back for dinner and was even at the verge of ordering room service!) they decided to go for tea break at one of the petrol station! And they told us that the mechanics took so long… blah blah blah… hahhaha…

the kiddos

victoria hugging ern!

besties la

grabbing her.... opps!

during the car trip

what weate - nonya food. Droolicious!

fish maw soup - what the kiddos ate : )

Ern and daddy dancing the the techo beat!

the teochew restaurant that we wanted to patronize but was FULL!!

conference immediately after breakfast!

Ern busy choosing her swimsuit. Her very first swim suit : )

sweet hor?

group picture : )

small kiddos entertained by big kiddos at A&W

our family

Anyhow Victoria and Ern had a jolly good time by themselves! So to summarize the trip, we did some shopping (though shopping in malacca sucks big time!), of coz eat (the food there is super droolicious) and lotsa chatting time! As midnight approaches and Ern is sleeping, ee fann and kenny went for foot massage… I heard loud “bomb” sound and there it was! Right infront of my balcony! It was huge! Never have I been so close to it before. It wasalmost like I could smell it! 3.5mins worth of sparkling fireworks feasting my eyes and soul. A pleasant surprise wasn’t it? I guess that was to mark the last day of the Lunar New Year : )

We were talking about our next trip to K.L. the very next day! hahha… And yes, this trip was a success! : )


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