Farrer Road Market

I’m a 50% supermarket and 50% wet market person. If I have to pick only one, I will still opt to go to wet market to get all the oh so fresh produce and at a cheaper price! Of course, I will choose Farrer Road Market!

There isn’t as many stalls as what other market boast of but what greeted us this morning were familiar and warm “Good Morning Madam!”  Yes the people there speaks English! We turned around and saw the usual butcher that we always get our pork from and I asked “Can I have some minced meat for my girl?” Butcher replied “Yes! $2 worth? Let me get you lean meat – that piece is too fatty for her. I will grind it 2 times to make it really minced. 3 times if you like : )” Best part is I saw him washing that piece of meat!

Next stop – Chicken.

Poultry man: “Your girl is so cute and happy up there! So lucky uh? Can sit on pa pa’s shoulders and get a good view uh?”

Me:  “ya. She is happy up there : ). 6 pieces of chicken wings please”

Poultry man: “Can your daughter eat biscuits yet?”

Me: “Yes! She loves most biscuits”

Poultry man: “Really? (taking out a packet of hello panda strawberry biscuit) Give this to her!”

Then the fish and the fruits section etc … This is one of the many markets that many rich people goes to but the stall owners does not have that kind of “ah – tas” attitude : ) The market feels really clean too and it might be due to the fact that there aren’t as many stalls and thus the whole place feels rather spacious and airy. Well I’m giving this place a thumbs up!  If it’s not too far away you should one day drop by too!


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