Is it the weather?

Sent away her Bronchitis last week and now she is having fever… wonder what went wrong.. and not forgetting her constipating episodes has finally ended.

Took her to see Dr Ang first thing in the morning and couldn’t detect anything wrong at all so we thought it could be due to the weather. However if it’s the weather her temperature can’t be fluctuating all the time right? I dont see any bumps or rashes (checking for visible signs of infection) too… so what could be wrong?

All I can do now is to monitor her and “see how”.

Oh.. during the visit to Dr Ang’s she took a red coloured small soft “soccer ball” home! She took it in her right hand ALL THE TIME and I mean ALL THE TIME! To the car seat, to her bath, to her high chair (during her lunch), to her nap (yes, holding it whilst sleeping), during change of clothes, to my bed….. and now to her sleep! It’s actually a stress ball which she lurves sooo much! Oh well… if she is still having fever by tomorrow, she will have to miss class again! sob… sob… it’s only the last 2 lessons left! We are soooo gonna miss it!


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