Viral Exanthema

Thought that the fever was over and she could attend Julia Gabriel’s last lesson… but who knows….

"dotted" face

Hmm... still smiley : )

sleeping with her new "toy"

The moment Dr And saw Ern, she was very sure that the fever was due to viral infection. It’s known as Viral Exanthema and it will last a few days and it will be worse tomorrow! However it is a sign of recovery! I had thought it was due to some food allergy …Dr prescribed anti histamine, a lotion for application and told me it would help if she could have a long bathe preferably not in warm temperture.

Went home and did all I was told. During lunch time she seemed alright and I took her with me to hair salon to cut my hair!! Well… I took my maid along but the moment she took ern out of the salon while I was having my hair cut; she cried so bitterly… so no choice … she had to be with me.. so she sat on my laps during my hair cut!! How cool was that?! wahahha… I took her with me for massage before and now hair cut and I wonder what’s next?! She is soooo super duper sticky! Was told that this is the peak of seperation anxiety.. it is gonna be a phase so why not just enjoy it? : )

At 3.30pm, received a call from her teacher – Lin! She sent her hugs and kisses to ern and mummy felt so good after the call. She has written a testimonial for ern (upon my request) and I will probably drop by to collect it tomorrow : ) Very sweet hor.. It will be a momento for her and anyway Julia Gabriel has definitely influenced her positively so it will be great as a keepsake! And yes I do agree with Lin that we are really glad that our paths has crossed and Lina s usual sang all the beautiful praises of Ern and that’s why mummy felt so happy and light (floating) after the call. : )

Now I just hope that Ern will recover completely before Sunday – our little kiddos gathering at Marina Barage! yipee! ~ so looking forward!


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