Waiting for Shichida Class to start!

However reluctant we are to leave Julia Gabriel but we still have to as Ern’s shichida class is starting 1st April!

Class will only be once a week and I am now exploring other activities to fill in the gap : ) Hmm … Aqua ducks? I’ve heard that the pool in Tanglin Mall is HEATED!! how cool is that?! How often do you get to swim in a heated pool? I mean the heated pool that I have always come across will be those in winter countries! And for god’s sake would you be in the mood to wear your swim wear in cold weather?! Hell NO for me! So yup, never been in a heated pool before and I’m 30 and Ern has just turned ONE. Never been on a plane till 18 and Ern has flown in aircraft approximately once every 4 months since birth! So shouldn’t I be convinced that times have changed or is Ern just plain lucky?!

Okay back to Shichida’s topic.

Spoke to Leona (Ryan’s mum) yesterday about the curriculum and am I glad that it doesn’t sound bad at all. Last year during Ern’s Mandarin class in Julia Gabriel,  I too spoke to a Japanese mum  who also sent her kids to Shichida and she only has good things to say. So, I noticed 2 different mindsets. Those who is in favour of Shichida will be those who mothers who is already sending their kids to class and those who is skeptical will be those who isn’t attending the class. So in conclusion: attend the class with an OPEN MIND and enjoy every bit of it. : ) Worse comes to worse (hope not) there’s still Julia Gabriel!! BUT for now; we will get ourselves ready to forge ahead! : )

And I am also very glad to have made up my mind about one thing. I have been thinking about it for like weeks! And I have not found a good reason to stop and have decided not to. Breast feeding. I enjoy it very much and I can’t find a reason good enough to stop at all. Each time the doctor says “no dairy products for her” and I’m always so glad and relieved that I’m still breast-feeding! But there is one thing that I must do though, and that is to slowly introduce fresh milk. (ern still not a fan of it) Reason is simple: There will be a day I will wanna stop breast-feeding and when that day comes I won’t be caught in a frenzy!Good idea? hahahaha


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