Daddy in hospital.

Yup daddy is now on his way to Mount E as I’m typing this. It’s a minor surgery for his skin problem that has been disturbing him for years so now he has decided to finally get rid of it once and for all.  So daddy has ordered mummy and ern to pack California Kitchen pizza for his dinner after his operation. He probably ain’t coming home tonight so it will be just the 2 of us! I think daddy will be alright coz he will be enjoying his new Iphone which he got yesterday and oh by the way daddy gotta pay additional $100 to the S company to recontract with them again hor! Sucks.

Anyway I was reading an article about having the number 2 and it has only made me even more determined to have number 2 a wee bit later… hmmm… mummy hopes to have the age gap of 3-4yrs. So this is what the article said:

By Dr Ken Ung, psychiatrist at Adam Rd Medical Centre

…. whilst a child is ready to accept a sibling AT ANY AGE, the closer in age the child is to the new baby, the more likely issues of sibling rivalry, competition for attention and such are to arise. Other factors that affect how readily a child accepts a baby sibling are:

  1. The child’s sense of security and attachment. A child who has strong sense of attachment to caregivers will feel more secure, and is less likely to feel angry towards a new baby.
  2. The amount of preparation he has undergone for the baby’s arrival.
  3. A sense of “ownership” of the baby.
  4. The child’s personality. Easy-going children tend to be more flexible and adapt to changes more easily then sensitive children.

Interestingly the other day  I was chatting to my mummy about sibling rivalry and so I asked if it happened to us and she said YES! We all have an age gap o 2 yrs BUT apparently my elder brother has no such issue. It was always me and my younger brother who are always jealous of my elder brother and saying silly things such as “mummy dotes on gor gor more than us” and we always say that infront of him and he didn’t take it to heart at all and continues to take good care of us! After my mum mentioned all these and I kinda had some recollection of it! And some scenes re-enacted in my mind. : ) So I guess the last point on “chil’d personality” does has a huge influence on sibling rivalry?

Ok ok so the point is.. I am not ready fora second one yet! LOL.. but of coz if it comes along I will take that as a blessing : )


One thought on “Daddy in hospital.

  1. I hope to have #2 in 2012! So that’ll be a nice 3+ years gap. Unless I get another christmas eve baby then 4 years gap. Muahahaha

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