These are all my personal opinion…

Hmm… I cant help but to always compare Julia Gabiel and Shichida; obviously knowing that im comparing an apple to an orange! Ok the curriculum is different so let’s just leave that aside for now. Let’s compare the teachers.

When the teacher introduced herself she told us her credentials.  I seriously cannot remember what it was. I think it was a degree with some overseas university.  You see, I’m not the least bit interested in whatever “credentials” she has under her belt. If she has IT I don’t give a hoot even if it’s just an “O” levels certificate la. I was half expecting her to sort of have a “conversation” with the little ones before the class starts but it didn’t happen. (shouldn’t teachers get to know her students first before class starts?)

So ern sat on a chair by a table and I was right behind her. The flash card part overwhelmed me as it was so fast! Gosh I wonder if I can replicate that at home. With some practice Im sure I can. : ) There was lots of little little activities as well as singing songs. Today was Ern’s second lesson in Shichida and I’m beginning to appreciate the activities that was conducted during the lesson.I do find them pretty meaningful ad fun at times. Am always trying to remember what Ern did so that I can go back home and “replicate” (pirated version!) them. But alas! Just when I was about to like the activities and find them to be good (it’s all part of exploration I think) something happened that got me a little upset today : (

What happened:

Ern was sitted next to another “student” who was practising something with the teacher and suddenly Ern stretched her hand and attempted to take something away from the teacher.(isn’t that common?) The teacher just took a very brief look at ern (I swear I dont remember her smiling) and removed ern’s hand away from the object. Okay I know that it really isn’t a very big deal but to me it’s all the little things that matter! well at least to me… hmmph! I was quietly upset. But did my best to shake it off my head and continued with the lesson.

I feel that teachers matters! It’s the connection between the teacher and the students that matters. I didn’t want to judge really but I do think that this teacher is way too young (fresh grad?) to understand child psychology and human nature. Inexperience would be the word I will use to describe what happened today. I just wished that the teacher will have more warmth with the kiddos. I am considering to change teacher if that is possible if not i will just have to wait till the next term and meanwhile make up for whatever I feel is lacking. And since I see the value of the curriculum, we are continuing with Shichida. (I am very excited to replicate the materials used in class!)

And oh yes! My little princess has her 7th tooth! Just saw it today and yup, *nodding head* the past few nights were horrid! Now waiting for her 8th tooth and then the very “jialat” molars! Tomorrow will be her very first swimming lesson and my mum was like “wa!! can swim?! no need float?” hahhaha the she agreed that it’s gonna benefit her to start all these classes when she is young. Well to add on, I feel that Ern is lucky to have a dad who is very willng to pay! Daddy will be coming with us though not into the water (he still have stitches from the operation) but to help us take pictures! Will update on aquaducks soon!


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