What daddy said after the class: “Now I know what to do with her when I take her in the pool”.  That was my sentiments exactly!

We had the coach to ourselves as there isn’t anyone else taking the 10am slot on Friday – YET. So we had all the toys and half the pool (the other half is occupied by coach David with other older kids) Really had great FuN! I guess taking up aquaducks not only will Ern learn how to swim in a safe environment and slowly learn water safety etc… MOST IMPORTANTLY I will have to be more disciplined in taking her into the water! I hope Ern will do better than me in water as I am more of a “land animal than water animal” I can’t really swim and till today I still can’t understand why my stamina in water is sooooo lousy! I can do like 10 or 15km run (hmm… that was before ern was born) not a problem at all but I just can’t produce the same kind of result in the water. I guess I am  not gonna be a Tri-athelete unless I really put in a considerable amount of effort and determination!

I remember days when I was in primary school my dad used to bring all 3 of us to Bedok swimming complex every Sunday and mum will tag along once a while. Whilst walking towards the pool dad will buy bread from the nearby confectionary. (It’s those BIG baguette kind) and we will eat it immediately after our swim. I will eat the inside (softer) and give the peel to my dad! I do hope that when Ern is bigger we will also continue to have such family bonding time as well.

So here are the pictures taken that day!

waiting for class to start

relaxing in water

she takes to it like duck in water

still relaxing

now the fun begins!

this is to teach her to hold her breath on the count of 3!

wipe her face

this is half the pool that we enjoyed to ourselves that day

my little champion smiling : )


good job!!

trying the board

holding her rubber duckie in her hand.

holding her breath

some games that we played

ern in water : )

I can’t wait for the next lesson!!


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