Shichida Part 2

A couple who loves each other starts a new life but it is the child that shows us what life really is.

Every child is a genius. In case you are equating genius being brainy… it is far from it. A genius, (in shichida’s understanding) is a child who is greatly loved by parents. Upon hearing this statement, it  soothed me lots.

I’ve learnt a lot after attending the Parents Education Course organised by Shichida and am SO glad to have attended it. Now everything seems to be falling nicely in place and it all makes sense to me. I have never expected Shichida to have been grossly understood by many for even myself was once a little skeptical about it and now a firm believer. A cult? No it’s just a form of science that was developed and helped many – mild autistic child (which by the way are now known as “New Human”),  child with mental problems etc..

Now I totally understand the activities in class and even the activity that I once found weird! hahahha… So the energy ball thingy is to help them to relax. Well, after doing the exercise for a few times in class Ern has found it funny and will bring her smiles whenever she starts doing it by rubbing her hands together. As for the teacher; they aren’t there to entertain the kiddos and the “connection” part which I was searching high and low for was actually there all this while! It’s ME! I was supposed to be there to connect with ern through vibrations. On this note, I feel that I do have lots of connection with Ern as she and I does extremely well during ALL our ESP activities!! It amazes me all the time that we have such fantastic telepathy.

I went back to class and asked teacher nana lots of questions and she is able to answer all of them of them to my satisfaction and I am not gonna ask for anything else. We have gotten lots of materials for Ern’s home practice and the last parcel came today! We are all set to start the fun!

Any shichida parents will attests to feelings of confusion and even frustrations in the beginning. But as you move along with perseverance, believe and LOVE I know; we will be glad that we did it.


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