Mother’s Day

This year’s mother’s day was spent quietly at our place at UE sq! Took ern for a swim and thereafter walked around the vicinity.. Clarke Quay, Robertson Walk, Liang Court, Central etc..As we walked along our neighborhood I realised that I really miss this place so much. Miss it’s serenity, the privacy we enjoyed, the long walks with Milo and the Christmas little celebration we had with Milo at starbucks, the Zen restaurant just beneath us … How I mis those days!

On the eve of mother’s day Ern gave me a surprise! She decided to take 5 steps all by herself. It was all so sudden! Daddy witnessed the first 4 steps and I only managed to glance at the 5th step. We were so happy to see her willing to give it a shot! As we observed, we agreed that she IS READY to walk but it’s just that she needs more encouragement and definitely motivation from her peers!! As for now… we will wait patiently for her to walk alongside with us : )


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