New friends

Just met up with a good friend and bid her farewell … She is one of my closer friends that I met through motherhood forum.
I have never knew being a mother would bring me new friends and these people when they come together will “gel” almost instantly due to a common topic – motherhood. Kewl hor?
Vanessa is one of them. The very first time I met her was at taka taxi stand. I remember I took a cab there for our very first appointment and she was the one who convinced me to take the car and just put the baby in the carseat. I was very apprehensive then as I’ve never done so without ee fann around. Soon after I decided to take the plunge and have never looked back since. So we meet up pretty often and I became more and more “garang” ( Malay word for daring) and even took ern out all by myself for shopping, meals etc and ern was about 3 months old then. Needless to say, our friendship blosoomed and we became good friends. Hey! Having another good friend is a “rare commodity” at my age! ( ya know you always have good old friends since primary school, secondary school – not even in tertiary level can you find another one)
So we made a pack to put in effort to keep in touch and hopefully ern and Blythe (Vanessa’s daughter) will even be penpals!! With the revolution of emails, facebook and what have you. I do miss the good old snail mail that is 100% full of sincerity and warmth ; ) c’mon you will agree that there is effort in getting a pen and paper together, an envelope, a stamp and a walk to the post office right? Anyway the next time we visit Melbourne we will definitely visit her! Ee fann will find a good excuse to go Melbourne for his marathon now!
And besides making new friends as a mother, there’s yet another pleasant surprise!! Daddy made new friends too. Hahaha! It’s this little circle of parenthood friends that constantly put in effort to come together for “gatherings” and hence forging a deeper relationship. We drove up to JB, have taken a road trip together to Penang, a flight to hong kong (mothers only), and up and coming would be a flight to KL and I’m sure the future trips will definitely be more and more adventurous and $$$! Besides having siblings to play with, I like the idea of ern having friends to grow up with. In my opinion, it’s just different. I call this -blessing ; )


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