There she goes again! It excites me all the time!

Saw that she was standing and swaying from side to side; enjoying the music from the TV, I casually said “ern, do you want to walk?” She understood what I said and “replied” with 5 steps! After completing her little “quest” she sat down with a smile looking very pleased with herself. You have no idea how happy, proud and surprised those steps made me. When it’s almost tine to sleep, I took her to my bed to unwind a bit before putting her to sleep. And yup she did the same thing again (albeit only 3 steps) but the difference is that on the bed, her strides are wider – more confidence maybe?
I can’t remember how many people “warned” me that once she starts walking, that’s when I will miss her crawling. But that’s also what they told me when ern wasn’t crawling yet. (ern is rather late in crawling .. Think she only started crawling at 9 months) but I find her pretty manageable now that she’s crawling so I’m all soooooo ready for her to walk. I bet you to feel the same way too if all her peers have already started walking and some even running! But of course I will not give her any pressure which is not necessary. Will keep the anxiety to myself. LOL.


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