Feast at JB with MBK family

Yup it’s yet another feasting trip up to JB at our favourite hunt but this time with MBK family!
As usual, being with friends ern skipped her nap and didn’t sleep till 8pm and that’s 8 to 9 hrs straight without sleep. Needless to say, she had a great time this trip with her kaki. So hyper was she during the drive up JB playing with uncle Kenny and the car was filled with her contagious laughter. ; )
We had Japanese buffet and the spread was incredibly droolicious! A super wide selection from the menu (no joke! Can go bonkers choosing them) salmon BELLY sashimi at buffet table etc… Ern sat there for 1.5 hrs enjoying the food whilst Matt was SLEEPING!! He missed the good food that we had but good thing is we will be back again and hopefully with more kakis!
This morning after she woke up we did flashcards and some flash memory games and she did so well on the first 3 sets (flash memory)that I decided to do another 3 more sets just to make sure that she really knows what’s going on and not just anyhow “han-tam” (Malay word for wild guess) and she got it right for straight 6 sets! I was so happy! I think the next time I will flash for a shorter period say 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds to make it more challenging! Had wanted to play some ESP games with her but ern woke up later than usual so I had very little time left to feed her breakfast and take her to the market to get some lamb shanks. Had planned to making lamb shanks for lunch but didn’t manage to get the right cut of meat …. ; (
Later this afternoon ABC and MBK will be coming to our place at UE sq for a swim followed by dinner somewhere nearby! This weekend is really filled with fun and laughter!


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