Do you love yourself?

We were at the playhouse again yesterday! Really don’t mind going back there a couple more times with ern’s friends as I really like the idea of leaving the kiddos playing by themselves whilst the adults chilling and chatting away at one corner, keeping tabs on them every now and then.
So how then does the title of the post link up with today’s content?
Ah… That’s when it happened.
Victoria insists on not wanting to share toys with ern and shove her hand away, ern was completely clueless and next Victoria took ern’s hand and bit her finger. After a few seconds, it was followed by an anticipated cry from ern. Guess it was really painful as ern’s face turned red! Hahaha it’s the second time Victoria bit ern by the finger by the way. The first time was really way too inviting to reject as ern placed her finger in Victoria’s mouth! hahaha asking for trouble la! It’s as good as placing a piece of meat in a lion’s den! Hahaha I’m not saying Victoria is ferocious but you know what I mean.
I am not a child pyschologist or neither have I done any form of research for victoria’s behaviour BUT all I know is that it is completely normal and all kids will have to go through this stage. Some will scream, some run away with the toys, some will push and shove, some will cry and of course some will bite and Victoria chose the latter. We were told by Lin that this is a stage where they don’t share things as they don’t know if it will come back to them. How I view it is that this is an expression of them loving themselves which is really great because if you don’t love yourself, how will you be able to love other people?? We as an adult go shopping, buy things that we WANT and the kids at this stage is simply keeping things they WANT to themselves that’s all. But good thing is they will eventually understand the joy of sharing too and that is also when they love other people. Hahaha all these are my own theory. : ) when ern reaches the stage of not sharing, my guess is that she may not bite (I’ve taught her not to bite people) but she might scream!! Let’s just wait and see …


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