Have been real busy lately… Have been searching for a place to move our butts permanently or at least for another 10 years or so. Our room is getting a little too cramped with all her toys, book shelf … You get the picture. Can’t help but feel frustrated when you see all the mess all piled up everywhere! It’s eating me!!!

So far the search hasn’t been very fruitful.. Hope that luck is on our side and we will be able to move next year and I will be so much happier I swear.

On shichida:
The first term is ending in 3 weeks time and we have observed something pleasant about her behaviour during meal times. Ern is calmer, her concentration is better and able to sit through meal times with us something which she wasn’t able to months ago and I teased her about her having pointed buttock! This observation was also attested by Alicia (brayden’s mum). We have had many meals together with the kiddos and ern didn’t fuss when all the rest starts to get impatient. And I forgot to mention about her being able to sit through the entire class during her last lesson PLUS she participates in all the activities which she usually aren’t able to – she tends to fuss during the last 20mins. Even teacher nana praised her development. I am damn happy. As for home practices, i’m doing with her everyday except on the days when she has class but I’m having a little problem here.. Not enough flashcards!! The thing is that it is not advisable to flash the same card on the same week and I flash about 150 cards per day so I need to have more cards for variety. Besides flashcards, we do ESP games, flash memory and some of the activities we did in class (yup I tried to copy and make them myself) hmm… Maybe I should clear up some misconception about flashcards since I’m at this topic. It does not matter if the baby understands what you are flashing – most likely not yet. When you flash the cards at high speed it activates the right brain and hence improves the memory power. I’m still trying to flash at 0.5 sec per card… ; )

Today dinner:
Ern took her second nap from 4 till 6.30pm! So we met the usual gang for dinner at suntec – Tony romas. After we all had our fill the kiddos gathered to look at fishes, rabbits etc and that is also when allowed us to take her by her hands and walk! She was so excited to walk with us and seeing that she was so motivated to walk we stayed till 10.30pm for her to walk and boy did she walk!! Our backs are aching by the time she is done. We are not complaining and in fact I’m taking her out tomorrow for walks again! We are not sure what triggered her to want to walk (assisted) it could be the walker that Kenny loaned us (she loves it and walks around with it) it could be the motivation from her friends or it could be just HIGH TIME. Though she aren’t officially walking yet but I’m sure it will be soon. ; )


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