First movie with Ern

Have been wanting to take her for a movie long ago but hasn’t really placed that as a priority and since some of the mummies tried that and gave their thumbs up; it’s time to bring her. Come to think of it it was eons since I last watched a movie in a theatre! Definitely more than 2 years ago as I’m not a movie buster.
I chose SHREK.
Ern was quiet and sat very still during the movie which I’m not at all surprised because Ern is a motion picture addict! So I suppose having a huge screen kind of made her day? ; ) however she slept toward the end of the movie as it was her usual nap time, she tried very hard to keep herself away from the Z monster but alas! It caught her! Kekeke hmm… Maybe next time she will bug me to tell her the ending?? Hee hee
Ern might actually turn me into a movie goer as I really enjoy wrapping my arms around as she sits quietly, watching the movie with me. : )


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