Concentration “power” affirmed

So it was shichida class yesterday and ern still sat through except occasionally distracted for a bit when one of her classmate refused to sit down and prefers to walk around in the classroom. Teacher was impressed yet again and said that ern has definitely improved a lot. Regarding her classmate – Don, since the 3rd or 4th week of class he will cry whenever lesson starts. (that reminds me of her exclassmates in JG with the same behaviour) and poor mummy has to resort to giving him toys, keys and food during class which is technically not allowed as it takes them off their focus and not to mention a distraction to others but seeing her struggling with her son and sometimes with a little gloom of despair on her face; my heart goes out to her. However, i’m pretty sure that Don will be able to concentrate in time to come.
I guess this is the frustrating stage where you feel that the money is probably wasted when he isn’t with you in class and feel like pulling him out of class BUT this is also the stage where with patience, perserverence and believe, the kiddo will eventually co-operate and enjoys his lesson. Last time towards the end of class when ern’s concentration starts to dwindle she will want to look away and prefers to be carried.(in class ern sits on a chair by the table and i sit right behind her on my chair)I just took her and let her rest while the class continues. To be frank I do feel that the money isn’t well spent at times but I can’t force her to concentrate if she really doesn’t want to. So with her in my arms while she rests, I continued to pay attention and participates in the activities for her. Probably after some time she realizes that it isn’t that bad after all and so she follows??
I witnessed some other mothers in other class forcing their kids to focus and in the end the kids ran out of class crying. Hence i’m careful not to cause Ern to hate class. Anyway I believe that kids learn best when they feel loved and respected.
Oh and guess what? Hahaha in her class of 5, 4 of us (mummies) are ex crew! Small world hor?


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