She is almost ready

Have been hanging out with the Leows lately ; ) went to universal studio last night (bought the $2 ticket) and we found our favourite turkey leg!!! Though with a full stomach and totally aware that it’s rather impossible to finish one; we still bought one to share. It’s a must eat item whenever we go disney land!! It brought back fond memories of good old dating days. Ern were walking (assisted) everywhere and aimlessly ; p but we just followed her all the way and by the end of the day she was so tired that she slept within seconds soon after the car engine starts.
Today we went for brunch at Cathay restaurant and gosh the food is soooo good! Ern was totally enjoying the food, sitting there for more than an hour!! And she called out to Matt whenever Matt is taken away from the table. She says “mad mad” damn cute la.
So after our damn heavy brunch : p the kiddos were wondering around and that was when belinda suggested that we hold one hand instead of both her hands and surprisingly she takes to it immediately. It was then that we knew she can walk already but just needed more confidence. Back at home, she could just walk unassisted at a fast pace for about 6 steps before she decides to stop. So we think she can walk anytime and we are just waiting for that official day when she prefers walking than crawling.
Oh yes, we also applied her very own library card!! What a relief as that was something I had wanted to do long ago but kept procratinating. Borrowed 6 books immediately and headed home.
I guess for the next few months I will be really tied down with my new project and that is to set up a parenting website that will include all the things that mothers would want to get at their finger tips such as: online shops, articles, events in Singapore, places to bring their kids to during school holiday(or any other day for that matter) schools, childcare centres, services, birthdays, contests, expert advise from child pychologists, doctors, PDs, financial consultants, book of the month etc… And if have any ideas PLEASE drop me some comments!! Need to come up with more ideas. The company and website has been registered. Will give the update when it’s ready ; )


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