Finally walking officially

Today’s date is 16th June 2010. 10 days before she reaches 17 months! And this marks yet another milestone of her toddlerhood.
She was walking briefly last night and today it’s full fledge. I can’t be any happier. In fact, as our helper was cleaning up our UE sq, she was walking around for more than an hour!
Isn’t she tired? If I were to make an estimation and “convert” that to adults’ shopping effort it could well be 3 hours?! I guess the happiness, excitement and curiosity got the better of her!
Well ern, mummy knows that it took you lots of courage to let go of mummy’s hand and you did it! You did mummy proud. Super proud. Today you decided to let go of the support which you had previously held on to dearly, you have achieved another level of independence to walk by yourself. But don’t forget that when you need help or comfort, all you need to do is look over your shoulder and mummy will always be there.
Mummy love you always.


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